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There is no reason to live with back pain. Thousands of people just like you have relieved their pain with this simple and effective home therapy product. You can even place your order for Spine-Worx™ by contacting US Therapy, Inc., from this Web site. For more information, call (901) 876-3015.




The Shape Your Back Should Be In.



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Are you suffering from back pain? It could be the result of a misaligned spine. Let U.S. Therapy, Inc., help you with our simple to use Spine-Worx™ realignment device.

Designed by a chiropractor, this natural back support system uses your body's own weight to apply controlled pressure to the spinal vertebrae.  As you lie on Spine-Worx™, your spine is pressed firmly against the length of its two unique padded and contoured rails, injection-molded to fit the natural shape of the mid- and lower back. The vertebrae in the spine are gradually and gently encouraged to realign into their natural positions, which helps to relieve backpain and improve overall mobility.


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For interested customers based in Canada, please refer to the following link to purchase your order.